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Protagen Protein Services (PPS) is continuously improving its core competencies in all respective technologies and business areas by extensive research and development activities as well as collaborations with internationally renowned companies and universities.

Please find the latest publications and posters of Protagen Protein Services GmbH on:

  • Biopharmaceutical formulation analysis; Natalie Perraudeau, Burkhard Fleckenstein
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  • Complete amino acid sequence verification of biopharmaceuticals using LC‑MS/MS and Edman sequencing; Adrian Moise, Natalie Louis, Burkhard Fleckenstein, Martin Blüggel
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  • Development of a quantitative MS-based multi-attribute method (MAM) approach for characterization of new biological entities and biosimilar candidates; Yvonne Jasper, Daniel Waldera-Lupa, Gerhard Körting, Anke Schnabel, Heiner Falkenberg, Roland Moussa
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  • Mass Spectrometric Evaluation of Host Cell Protein Patterns in Biopharmaceutical Products; Heiner Falkenberg, Daniel Waldera-Lupa, Andreas Dittmar, Thomas Flad, Roland Moussa
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  • A Comparison of UPLC and CE-based Approaches for Glycan Profiling of Biotherapeutic Proteins- Challenges for the Fast Characterization of New Biological Entities (NBEs) and Biosimilar Candidates; Thomas Schröter, Eva Ennemann, Michaela Wachs, Roland Moussa, Martin Blüggel
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  • A Quantitative MS-based Multi-attribute Method (MAM) Approach for New Biological Entities and Biosimilar Candidates Presented by a Full Method Qualification for an IgG1 Market Product; Anke Schnabel, Gerhard Körting, Julia Brückner, Yvonne Jasper, Heiner Falkenberg, Roland Moussa 
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  • Development of a fluorescence resonance energy transfer peptide library technology for detection of protease contaminants in protein-based raw materials used in diagnostic assays Kapprell HP1; Maurer A, Kramer F, Heinrich B, Buenning C, Narvaez A, Kalbacher H, Flad T
  • Monosaccharide profiling by intact mass analysis - method qualification of a new approach for the characterization of highly glycosylated biopharmaceuticals; Benjamin Müller, Stefanie Fitzek, Stefanie Janzen, Elke Schwitulla, Andreas Wattenberg (download)
  • Hochleistungsanalytik für die Entwicklung von Biosimilars; Martin Blüggel; Pharmazie in unserer Zeit 6|2012; 468-473 (download)
  • Toward Protein Biomarkers for Allergy: CD4+ T Cell Proteomics in Allergic and Nonallergic Subjects Sampled in and out of Pollen Season; Blueggel M, Spertini F, Lutter P, Wassenberg J, Audran R, Corthésy B, Müllner S, Blum S, Wattenberg A, Mercenier A, Affolter M, Kussmann M.; J Proteome Res. 2011 Apr 1;10(4):1558-1570. Epub 2011 Mar 16. (download)
  • In-depth protein characterization by mass spectrometry; Chamrad D, Körting G, Blueggel M.; Methods Mol Biol. 2011;696:27-40. (download)
  • "Skin-Omics": Use of Genomics, Proteomics and Lipidomics to Assess Effects of Low Molecular Weight Scleroglucan; Farwick M., Lersch P., Schmitz G., Muellner S., Wattenberg A.; Cosmetic Science Technology 2009;100-105. (pdf-download)
  • Multidimensional chromatography: a powerful tool for the analysis of membrane proteins in mouse brain; Lohaus C, Nolte A, Blueggel M, Scheer C, Klose J, Gobom J, Schueler A, Wiebringhaus T, Meyer HE, Marcus K.; J Proteome Res. 2007 Jan;6(1):105-13. (download)
  • GMP Conform Protein Analysis - New Analytical Solutions; Katja Aschermann, Andreas Wattenberg, Protagen Protein Services GmbH; Screening 02/2007, pp 32-33. (pdf-download)
  • Collection of soluble variants of membrane proteins for transcriptomics and proteomics; Steffen Mueller, Eilhard Mix, Martin Blueggel, Pablo Serrano-Fernandez, Dirk Koczan, Vasilis Kotsikoris, Manfred Kunz, Michael Watson, Jens Pahnke, Harald Illges, Michael Kreutzer, Stefan Mikkat, Hans-Juergen Thiesen, Michael O. Glocker, Uwe K. Zettl, Saleh M. Ibrahim; In Silico Biology 5, 0028 (2005), Bioinformation Systems e.V. (download)
  • Valid Data from large-scale Protomics Studies; Daniel Chamrad, Helmut E. Meyer; Nature methods, Vol 2 No 9, Sept. 2005.
  • Tryptic transpeptidation products observed in proteome analysis by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry; Heike Schaefer, Daniel C. Chamrad, Katrin Marcus, Kai A. Reidegeld, Martin Blueggel, Helmut E. Meyer; Proteomics 2005, 5, 846ñ852. (download)
  • Evaluation of algorithms for protein identification from sequence databases using mass spectrometry data; Daniel C. Chamrad, Gerhard Koerting, Kai Stuehler, Helmut E. Meyer, Joachim Klose, Martin Blueggel; Proteomics 2004, 4, 619-628. (download)
  • Interpretation of mass spectrometry data for high-throughput proteomics; Daniel C. Chamrad, Gerhard Koerting, Johan Gobom, Herbert Thiele, Joachim Klose, Helmut E. Meyer, Martin Blueggel; Anal Bioanal Chem (2003) 376 : 1014-1022. (download)
  • Proteomanalyse durch automatisierte Datenverarbeitung; Andreas Wattenberg, Martin Blueggel; Laborwelt Nr.3/2003, S. 10-12.  (pdf-download)
  • Genetic analysis of the mouse proteome; Joachim Klose, Christina Nock, Marion Herrmann, Kai Stuehler. Katrin Marcus, Martin Blueggel, Eberhard Krause, Leonard C. Schalkwyk, Sohaila Rastan, Steve D.M. Brown, Konrad Buessow, Heinz Himmelbauer, Hans Lehrach; Nature Genetics, Volume 30, April 2002, pp 385-393. (download)
  • Investigation of charge variants of rViscumin by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometry; Petra Lutter, Helmut E. Meyer, Martin Langer, Klaus Witthohn, Wilma Dormeyer, Albert Sickmann, Martin Blueggel; Electrophoresis 2001, 22, 2888-2897. (download)



  • Retention Time Alignment Algorithms for LC/MS Data must consider Nonlinear Shifts; Podwojski K, Fritsch A, Chamrad DC, Paul W, Sitek B, Mutzel P, Stephan C, Meyer HE, Urfer W, Ickstadt K, Rahnenfuehrer J.; Bioinformatics. 2009 Jan 28. [Epub ahead of print] (download)
  • Manageing Proteomics Data: From Generation and Data Warehousing to Central Data Repository; Thiele H , Glandorf J, Hufnagel P, Koerting G, Blueggel M; J. Proteomics Bioinform 2008(1), 485-507 (download)
  • Proteomics Potential; Thiele, H, Blueggel M; European Biopharmaceutical Review; Nov 2008
  • Automated reprocessing pipeline for searching heterogeneous mass spectrometric data of the HUPO Brain Proteome Project pilot phase; Stephan C, Reidegeld KA, Hamacher M, van Hall A, Marcus K, Taylor C, Jones P, Muller M, Apweiler R, Martens L, Korting G, Chamrad DC, Thiele H, Bluggel M, Parkinson D, Binz PA, Lyall A, Meyer HE; Proteomics. 2006 Sep; 6 (18): 5015-29. (download)
  • The power of cooperative investigation: Summary and comparison of the HUPO Brain Proteome Project pilot study results; Reidegeld KA, Muller M, Stephan C, Bluggel M, Hamacher M, Martens L, Korting G, Chamrad DC, Parkinson D, Apweiler R, Meyer HE, Marcus K.; Proteomics. 2006 Sep; 6 (18): 4997-5014. (download)
  • Functional annotation of proteins identified in human brain during the HUPO Brain Proteome Project pilot study; Mueller M, Martens L, Reidegeld KA, Hamacher M, Stephan C, Blueggel M, Korting G, Chamrad D, Scheer C, Marcus K, Meyer HE, Apweiler R.; Proteomics. 2006 Sep; 6 (18): 5059-75. (download)
  • Gaining knowledge from previously unexplained spectra-application of the PTM-Explorer software to detect PTM in HUPO BPP MS/MS data; Chamrad DC, Korting G, Schafer H, Stephan C, Thiele H, Apweiler R, Meyer HE, Marcus K, Bluggel M.; Proteomics. 2006 Sep; 6 (18): 5048-58. (download)
  • Bioinformatics in Proteomics; Martin Blueggel, Daniel Chamrad, Helmut E. Meyer; Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology 5, 2004, 79-88 . (download)
  • Evaluation of algorithms for protein identification from sequence databases using mass spectrometry data; Daniel C. Chamrad, Gerhard Koerting, Kai Stuehler, Helmut E. Meyer, Joachim Klose, Martin Blueggel; Proteomics 2004, 4, 619-628. (download)