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Sometime during your mission to develop a biopharmaceutical drug or other research application, you will need to find out exact protein quantities. Protein content must be measured as accurately as possible because it is such a fundamental parameter that will influence all other quantification results obtained with other methods. Even a slight deviation can lead to incorrect results and, ultimately, an unsuitable product.

This is where Protagen can support you. We pride ourselves in being absolute leaders in precision and accuracy, and always back up our work through cross-validation.

Standard amino acid analysis (AAA), including hydrolysis, is a wonderful tool for determining the precise protein content or concentration of a sample without the use of an external standard.

But AAA is an even more powerful tool when carried out with our time-resolved hydrolysis method, which will give the precise amino acid composition of a protein. We typically use this for the characterization of a reference standard.

Amino acid analysis is a key part of ICH Q6B and we carry it out according to PharmEu.

Technical information

  • Amino acid analysis (AAA) can be applied in many ways to reveal different aspects of your protein. Here are some examples.In combination with UV-absorbance measurements, it can be used to directly determine the extinction coefficient of a protein.
  • If we omit hydrolysis, it can be used to quantify free amino acids, for example in cell culture media.
  • It can quantify unusual amino acids such as Norleucine (encountered in E. coli fermentations) or Hydroxyproline and –lysine.
  • To determine concentration based on mass, it can be combined with MALDI-TOF to reveal the intact mass of the protein.

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