Recent experience has shown that we are confronted with new pathogens very quickly and surprisingly and that we need innovative therapeutic approaches and medication more than ever. While the COVID-19 pandemic is about to be stemmed as quickly as possible, the growing threat of other diseases remains. The balancing act to face all upcoming challenges equally will lead the way for the development of biological therapeutics in the future.

Only the most detailed knowledge on the molecular level at the earliest possible stage of development will guarantee the best reliable choices with regard to the developability of a candidate. This includes e.g. the earliest possible detection of critical quality attributes (CQA) and the comprehensive understanding of their specific linkage to a molecule‘s mode of action (MOA).

We support the according efforts with all our knowledge and skills. Our scientists provide the required experience and capacity to assist pharmaceutical companies in analytical method development and release testing based on highly innovative approaches. In particular advanced MS technologies such as HDX and the multi-attribute method (MAM) or distinct PhysChem methods for higher order structure analysis (HOS) are able to deliver very concise and specific information from late research/early development on while at the same time allowing for high throughput and thus economizing time and costs.

Our portfolio includes a bundle of specific and most efficient state-of-the-art technologies. Against this background, and if you are developing innovative therapeutics to counter the current viral COVID-19 pandemic, we encourage you to contact us. Disposing of two decades of experience and equipped with the most up-to-date devices and computational tools, PPS guarantees best support and guidance throughout the entire development process. With our passion for science and technology we love to help our customers bring safer and better products faster to the market.