Outsourcing as a Key Strategy to Lower Your Costs and to Accelerate Your Product’s Launch What makes a good partnership? Passion? Common goals? Complementary qualities? Protagen Protein Services provides it all. We offer you a strong, supportive partnership, allowing you to focus on your core competencies.

Biopharmaceutical companies are facing a growing complexity by expanding their drug development pipelines.

Get a Partner on Board

In the challenging world of biopharmaceuticals development, companies are required to become more efficient. Massive growth in pharmaceutical industries and in global emerging markets, combined with price pressure and increased development spendings, have increased the demand for outsourcing partners. Outsourcing support is the key not only to lower your costs in research, development and manufacturing, it also enlarges your scale of know-how, equipment and experience from your partners. Relying on our project leaders you will benefit in all aspects of your project: proactive communication, primary point of contact, planning and coordination of work and discussion of results.

Stay Focused

Outsourcing projects to PPS as a Contract Research Organisation (CRO) allows you to focus on your core competencies while we focus on analytical excellence for our customers. With more than 20 years of experience PPS have a long proven track record in protein chemistry and protein analytics, from which you as our client will benefit from. Based on current and currently evolving technologies, we are providing support across a broad range of specific activities, including characterization, stability and comparability testing, bioanalytical and release testing. Our experts are contributing their knowledge of instrumentation and software, a deep understanding of data processing and data interpretation, and their long-term and up-to-date expertise with regard to release requirements. Auspicious conditions for along-term partnership, ensuring cost efficiency and best possible development and testing processes at the same time for your company.

One-for-all Solution – cost-effective, individual, sustainable

Strategic and therefore longterm partnerships with CROs, rather than outsourcing single analytical assays, increases efficiency in communication, planning and performance. A strategic multi-year partnership helps reducing expensive tech transfer, saves internal resources, and assures access to state-of-the-art equipment and years of experience. Additionally the pharmaceutical product can be supported for multiple production sites or license partners without compromising or binding internal analytical resources. Focus on your internal resources, and let us partner you for the details – based on a individual, well-tailored program from development to release testing.

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