As of September 1st, four new employees began working as technical assistants in the field of structural protein analysis at the Dortmund and Heilbronn sites. For the first time Protagen Protein Services GmbH (PPS) exceeds the mark of one hundred employees - and the trend is rising, as further new hires are planned.

In the last five years, the number of PPS employees has grown exponentially: from 39 in December 2013, 60 at the end of 2015 and 80 in the summer of 2017 to now 101 employees, 60 of whom work in Dortmund and 41 in Heilbronn. Years ago, the contract research company was honored for its innovative overall approach to personnel policy: "We offer our applicants an attractive working environment and, for example, attach great importance to reconciling family life and work," explains HR manager Sofia Beigert. In addition, the individual support of individual colleagues makes PPS a particularly attractive employer in view of the optimal career development opportunities.

As the world's leading and growing service provider in the field of protein analysis and the characterization of protein therapeutics, Protagen Protein Services GmbH is constantly looking for suitable specialists, in particular biological-technical assistants (BTA), chemical-technical assistants (CTA) and natural scientists with protein-analytical know-how -how. The current new hires are a consequence of the prospering business development at the two company locations Dortmund and Heilbronn. Just recently, a new high-precision mass spectrometer for the characterization and sequencing of proteins was put into operation in Dortmund. The acquisition of further high-tech measuring instruments for protein characterization is planned. The rapid growth in staff also requires more space. At the Heilbronn location, new office space is being built, which should be ready for occupancy in November 2018.

One of PPS 'success secrets lies in the selection of suitable employees. In addition to the technical competence, it depends above all on team qualities and communication skills. "Excellent professionals are invaluable in such a hotly contested market," says Dr. Petra Weingarten, Director Human Resources. "During the selection process, however, we make sure that the applicants do not only fit in with us professionally but also personally. It is important to us that all our colleagues are there with a great deal of enthusiasm and thus contribute to mutual success. "