Following the recent COVID-19 outbreak, we at Protagen Protein Services (PPS) are preparing for all eventualities. Please be assured that PPS will continue to operate as normal providing you with all of the professional support and service you have to come to expect from us.

Given the gravity of the situation, and to protect our staff, clients, and communities from the spread of the virus, we have taken various measures within a scope of a Business Continuity Plan:

  • We have taken proactive actions, i.e. home office and travel reduction where possible, to isolate and protect our office and lab operation and have set what we see as best practices and policies.
  • We have a robust and site-redundant lab operating systems in service for many years to assure continuity in our analytical services, data analysis, security and communications with our customers. Additionally, we installed multiple redundancy by a two group lab operation for each our two labs in Germany and independent US operations.
  • Particularly due to our size, location and secure lab profile, we are able to closely control people coming in or out of our company, and we have proactively implemented processes in separating and protecting our analytic operations, while shifting to teleconference and virtual meetings with any of our customers and partners.

Our staff is readily available via all of the normal channels when needed. Our Analytical Team will continue to offer first-class service and support. In case of urgent resources needed, please contact us.

We are determined to defy the pandemic and do the best we can in these times. Stay safe and stay in touch.

Martin Blüggel