The most important innovation for public health


Vaccines can be used for induction of immune responses as protection for future diseases, mostly infections (active immunization) or as direct therapeutic agent (passive immunization).

Kind of vaccines:
Apart from classical vaccines, which are typically produced out of attenuated or inactivated bacterial or virus strains, a large number of molecular more defined vaccines are developed or already in the market.
These vaccines comprise:

  • Recombinant antigenic proteins
  • Nucleic acid constructs (e.g. RNA)
  • Synthetic or semi-synthetic saccharide-protein complexes
  • Virus like particles (VLPs) based vaccines

Analytical support throughout vaccine development
Analysis of classical and novel kind of vaccines often is a challenge due to complexity and solubility of the individual components.

Protagen Protein Services (PPS) has extensive experience in analysis of different vaccine and can successfully support you with:

PPS provides individual analyses or a comprehensive characterization package customised to suit your requirements and to provide data required by the regulatory authorities for antibody analysis like: