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Fusion Proteins

Fusion Proteins

With novel recombinant technologies, fusion proteins that combine different functional domains have entered the market. Typical examples for Fc fusion proteins are the blockbusters Etanercept and Aflibercept, where a receptor domain was fused to Fc portion of a human IgG1 in order to enhance production and to ease purification but also to improve half life of the protein.

The nature of Fusion Proteins
Their often huge and highly variable architecture makes structural and functional analysis often difficult. Primary Structure, Elucidation of disulfide bridges and the characterization of the different N- and O-glycan sites belong to PPS´ key expertise. Combining knowledge and experience with many fusion proteins together with literature search and a strong technical background throughout all structural and functional assays, we are your partner to start discussing your project.

Protagen Protein Services has extensive experience in analysis of different fusion proteins and can successfully support you with:

PPS provides individual analyses or a comprehensive characterization package customised to suit your requirements and to provide data required by the regulatory authorities for fusion proteins analysis like:

Protagen Protein Services (PPS) has extensive experience in analysis of different protein classes and other formates and can successfully support you with a broad range of services:

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