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F(ab) Fragments

F(ab) Fragments

The F(ab) fragment is part of an antibody that is still capable to bind to its specific antigens and is monovalent with no Fc portion. The enzyme Papain is able to digest an antibody into two F(ab) fragments of about 50 kDa each and one Fc fragment.

Contrary, F(ab')2 fragment antibodies can be generated by pepsin digestion of whole IgG antibodies in order to cleave most of the Fc region without removing the hinge region. F(ab')2 fragments consist of two antigen-binding F(ab) portions which are linked together by disulfide bonds. These fragments are divalent with a molecular weight of about 110 kDa.

Already F(ab) fragment related drugs include Digoxin immune fab (Digibind®, GlaxoSmithKline and DigiFab from BTG plc) as an antidote for an overdose of digoxin. These fab fragments are generated from immunoglobulins of sheep immunized with a digotoxin derivate.

Analytical support for F(ab) fragment development

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