Expert Protein Analysis Services
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Expert Protein Analysis Services

We Provide Our Clients With The Most Comprehensive Knowledge About Their Protein Molecules
Proteins are almost never fully purified and homogeneous molecules, but instead feature structural heterogeneity. Detailed information combined with a deep understanding of your protein is vital for your success in developing a biopharmaceutical product. Hence, you need a partner with the most reliable expertise in protein characterization and protein analysis services.

Why you should partner with Protagen Protein Services:

  • Our scientists are highly experienced. We have been developing our skills in biopharmaceutical protein characterization over a period of more than two decades.
  • With regard to protein characterization from structure (the first step in protein identification) to function (the bioassay steps) we are dedicated to managing complex projects in a comprehensive and individualized manner, tailored to your needs.
  • We invest continously in the most high-end mass spectrometry and analytical equipment in order to ensure that we provide the best and the most solid, all-encompassing results available.
  • Our bioinformatics department is well-resourced with a number of full time specialists who possess strong statistical backgrounds focused on analyzing mass spectrometer output.

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Martin Blüggel

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Protagen Protein Services (PPS) is a world leading CRO and recognized expert for analytical services in protein science. More than 20 years of market experience and the comprehensive spectrum of validated analytical methods ensure the highest quality for customers in the pharmaceutical, biotech and life science industry.

PPS supports Biosimilar developers with a broad range of analytical methods and consulting in achieving and demonstrating Biosimilarity